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Congrats to the winners of the Great Ingredients Giveaway

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KANSAS CITY, MO — Craft to Crumb is excited to announce the winners of the Great Ingredients Giveaway. Thank you to all retail bakers that entered.

Allan’s Bakery in Brooklyn, NY, is the winner of 1,000 lbs. of flour from Giveaway sponsor Farmer Direct Foods.

Bite Me Cookies in Lakewood, WA, will receive 1,000 lbs. of walnuts from Giveaway sponsor California Walnut Board.

Allan’s Bakery is a third-generation family-owned and operated West Indian bakery. Owners Allan and Gloria Smith founded the bakery over 60 years ago, beginning with a small residential oven and selling bread and pastries out of the back of their vehicle. After gaining popularity, they moved to a storefront in 1961. The bakery continues to produce a wide variety of pastries and bread daily.

Deborah Tuggle owns Bite Me Cookies, a Black woman-owned cookie bakery. Tuggle had no intention of owning a bakery. She wanted to get a college education and find a job that would help her support herself and her young son. To help make ends meet while she went to class, Deborah began selling cookies. After graduating, she worked in the corporate world before indulging her entrepreneurial spirit and opening a bakery.

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