3 accessible ways for bakers to create festive LTOs


KANSAS CITY, MO — With Q4 only a couple weeks away, holiday-inspired products are top of mind for bakers. As the peak of the baking season looms on retail bakers of all sizes, having a plan in place to create timely, seasonal baked goods can support bakery owners and employees during the busy times ahead.

Put a twist on a classic

Innovation for the holidays doesn’t mean bakers need to re-invent what’s offered in their display cases. With the increase in traffic during the holiday season, adapting staple baked goods with simple accents can level up products without wearing out your bakery team. Using a different piping tip, decoration or color palette can elevate a classic baked good and give it a seasonal flare.

For example, warmer, more muted tones in frosting for a cupcake can draw in that fall feeling visually without requiring a whole new flavor. Adding simple frosting drizzles and combining sprinkle blends can also give products such as donuts a festive touch.

Look beyond the traditional holidays

While Halloween and Christmas may delight some, expanding your offerings to celebrate other occasions in Q4 can reach more customers. With a bit of research on some cultural holidays such as Dia de Los Muertos and Hannukah, bakers can shake up their products with new color schemes and motifs.

Ready-to-use icings and mixes can make creating these unique treats even simpler, saving time spent on creating these products from scratch to keep up productivity.

No need for reinvention with ‘newstalgia’
Between myriad holidays and increased foot traffic, bakery owners need to be resourceful with their time and ingredients to keep their operations in order and customers at their storefronts. In reimagining classic flavor profiles such as gingerbread and hot cocoa into baked goods the product is not often found in, customers can balance the intrigue of something new with a taste of what’s familiar.

Bakery owners of all sizes have to put in the work in the closing months of the year and plan ahead on some simple ways to create festive creations that can keep stress low and less taxing labor. Need a starting point for fall offerings or inspiration? Visit the Dawn Foods website for recipes, helpful tips and ready-to-use ingredients for the holidays.

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