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Introducing Craft to Crumb

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For the love of the craft.

Bakers bake. They also run the front of the house. And train their staff. And fill in for the missing staff. And do the marketing. And run the social media. And the list goes on and on.

We see you, bakers.

There is indeed art and science that goes into baking, and we’re here for that. But there’s something else, too: love. There’s a love that only bakers truly understand. It’s why they get up before the sun rises and work long after the product is finished … after the cases are empty and the last crumb is wiped clean.

That’s a love that comes from seeing people consume their products for nourishment, satiety and pure, unadulterated joy. When made properly, an artisan baked good is one of those few things that simultaneously provides comfort and adventure.

Baked goods are some of the world’s oldest foods, and the artisans who make them have answered a calling. They get their hands dirty in a craft that requires the physical strength of a steel worker, the finesse of a poet and the business savvy of a corporate executive.

In an age of social media, bakers can showcase their artistry to the world. But at the same time, it’s isolating. Bakers are the first to rise and the last to rest. There are few business trips or tradeshows. They learn by doing — by making mistakes, fixing them and starting over — all for the love of the craft.

We feel you, bakers.

Baking is communal. It’s to be shared, just as much as the products themselves. And this is why Craft to Crumb exists. This is for artisan bakers to share their love of the craft in a place of community.

We believe that bakers deserve a voice, and our platform is designed to make those voices heard. By sharing insights and inspiration from baker to baker, we are creating a community to serve every facet of retail baking.

We hear you, bakers.

This is your invitation to participate in a community where you can learn, share and grow in your craft. Make your voice heard.

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