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Home is where the butter, sugar and flour are

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TRAFALGAR, IN — Kristyna Voris has always had a passion for baking. While working her corporate 9-5 job, she knew she would eventually branch out to pursue her love for being in the kitchen. When she did, Butter Sugar Flour was born.

The story of how Voris came into baking is based in the popularity of the homemade carrot cake she baked for her mom’s birthday. After getting a taste, friends and family began requesting custom cakes, cupcakes and other baked goods.

Trafalgar has a population just shy of 1,500 residents, and word of mouth is what led Kristyna to launch Butter Sugar Flour’s Facebook page to handle orders.

“Rather than people contact me on my direct cell phone, I thought, ‘We’ll launch a page and see what comes of it,’” Voris said. “At the time, I never thought in a million years I would have a storefront.”

Community is at the heart of the Trafalgar, IN-based bakery, and because of the support the community has shown Voris and her business, Butter Sugar Flour gives back at every opportunity it can.

“We do a lot of work with supporting the school, donating for teacher appreciation day, providing healthy snacks for the football team post-workout,” Voris added. “We really try to build everything based on small community, small business and a giving back rather than a bottom dollar.”

Voris describes her baking as a lot of “meat and potatoes,” meaning she creates baked goods that leave customers with that post-Thanksgiving meal feeling — cravings were satisfied. As far as recipes go, Voris tends to stray away from finding recipes off the internet. Instead, she prefers to add her own personal touch to recipes she finds so everything on the bakery’s shelves is an original. When determining what baked goods to keep stocked within the glass cases, Voris said she makes cinnamon rolls like her life depends on it.

That goes back to the December 2022 opening of the Butter Sugar Flour brick-and-mortar bakery. On opening day, Voris and her staff had 120 cinnamon rolls prepped and ready to go… they sold out within an hour and sold a grand total of 412 by the end of the week.

One of the biggest challenges Voris has discovered since opening the bakery is prepping her menu more in advance. “It is so hard for me. I don’t want to say I have a short attention span, but I just want to bake all the things,” she shared. “I just want to have this gigantic menu with all these things, but maybe I only have them sometimes.” To keep from having to bake a wide variety of baked goods, Voris decided to have a set menu and then add in additional products when time allows creativity to run.

After quitting the safety net of corporate America job to pursue her passion was a risk Voris knew she wanted to take. Ultimately, her decision to continue stems from her passion and support of the community. The support of the residents of Trafalgar feeds Voris’ love for baking and for bringing smiles to the faces of friends and families with each bite of her baked goods.


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